Circular Territory Program Advances in Regions

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Following the launch in May —which took place with the participation of the minister of the environment, Maisa Rojas, and Corfo executive vice chairman, José Miguel Benavente— an agenda was drawn up for the regions, which began with activities in Los Lagos, Maule and Valparaiso.

The Circular Territory Program, an initiative promoted by Corfo and the Ministry of the Environment, and implemented by SOFOFA HUB, is currently focusing its activities on regions, in accordance with its Executive Committee’s mandate and in line with the Circular Economy Roadmap developed for the country.

In this first phase, the program has focused on promoting circular economy actions and production chain articulation instances in the Maule, Los Lagos and Valparaiso regions (Casablanca Valley).

Some milestones have consisted in promoting and disseminating business rounds and Demo Days (executed by Corfo and Low Carbon Business Action Latam), with the participation of more than 150 companies; participating in various work tables with productive sectors to identify circular economy and industrial symbiosis opportunities; and taking part of the “Pact for a Sustainable and Inclusive Region in Los Lagos”, an initiative promoted by the Regional Government of Los Lagos that seeks to achieve a shared and inclusive future through a governance aimed at sustainable development.


The mission of Circular Territory is to promote tangible circular economy actions related to productive development, to encourage innovation and to articulate productive chains in Chile.

This program was officially launched in May this year by the Minister of the Environment, Maisa Rojas; Corfo’s executive vice president, José Miguel Benavente; and SOFOFA Hub’s executive director, Alan Garcia.

Some of the objectives of Circular Territory are creating conditions to promote fair, sustainable and positive-impact business models, facilitating the implementation of circular projects, disseminating success stories and following up on the actions set forth in the Circular Economy Roadmap, which has raised seven goals to promote a waste-free circular Chile by 2040.

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